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Levante Capital

European Technologies, Asian Horizons

Levante Capital

European Technologies, Asian Horizons

Levante Capital independently supports visionary Southern Europe-based Entrepreneurs in becoming the leading forces of the Future by driving their expansion in Asia, where tomorrow’s leaders are made

The first milestone: investing in InSilicoTrials

Levante Capital – the upcoming Italian VC Vehicle which focuses on expanding the reach of European Tech onto Asian Markets - is announcing today its first investment in InSilicoTrials, the cloud-based simulation healthcare company. The € 350K ticket investment and –...

Connecting The Dots



Growth opportunities in markets such China can significantly contribute to multiplying valuations of European companies, having difficulty to scale due to the fractioned market. China is a consumer-tech and innovation driven economy with exceptional traction: a huge domestic market, high technology adoption, thriving venture financing and with all the stakeholders aligned along a clear development strategy to attract well-identified technologies. Recent foreign investment law facilitate and protect the operations of foreign entity in China. Minority stakes (aiming to two-digits) in European technologically competitive scale-ups with high.


Value Strategy

Minority stakes (aiming to two-digits) in European technologically competitive scale-ups with high potential and ideal matching with the Chinese market. Target companies are nurtured by Levante proprietary methods (go-to-market advisory and agile enhancement activities) and external support (matching with local mirror funds deploying RMB on Target’s Chinese branch.


Team & Track Record

Entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience in venture capital, M&A and business development in both China and Europe.

Deep relationships with the Chinese and European tech and financial ecosystems, providing exclusive
access the expansion and exits of European scale-ups in China. Through the advisory firm TechSilu
(participated by a significant part of the team), more than 20 Southern European technology firms
have been advised in raising funds and entering the Chinese market.

Core Management Team

Francesco Lorenzini



Background: 5 years as business and strategy consultant and more than 7 launching and
running businesses in China, scouting and advising tech companies in their China market-entry strategies.

Responsibilities at Levante: Scouting and execution of investments – support to the expansion of the targets’ business in China - relationships with the Chinese tech ecosystem.

Edoardo Agamennone


Background: 15 years of experience in M&A, private equity and venture capital both as advisor and principal in multinational firms - more than 70 M&A deals completed of which 35 on the China-Europe axis.

Responsibilities at Levante: Execution of investments and divestments - Levante’s operations and administration - Regulatory and Compliance - Human resources - Relationships with LPs.

Francesco Rossi


Background: Serial entrepreneur with an extensive background
in web technologies development and
deployment - Founder of 4 companies, two of which succesfully exited - Angel investor in several firms

Responsibilities at Levante: Scouting and execution of investments - Development of Levante’s strategy - Relationships with the European tech ecosystem.

Let’s begin a Journey

If Asia is in you Horizon, show us. Upload your pitch / business plan to our form. We will follow-up with you once we will finish analyzing your document in depth.

At present we are not focusing on early stage and seed Companies, but we have an array of partners that do. Connect with us here should you be interest

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